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What we do

Admission Assistance

We will provide you the best information to enable you to make the right decision. We work closely with the candidates and also encourage them to include their parents in the decision-making process. We will work closely with you to complete and fast track your admission application at the institute of your choice and will help you to get the right scholarships.

Visa Guidance

As part of the admission process, all our students receive visa counseling, visa preparation and visa file preparation. We ensure that your journey from counseling to landing in the destination of your choice is as easy as possible. We are consistently in touch with embassies, consulates and other concerned departments. Hence, our team is well informed on the latest rules and regulations. Resultantly, we enjoy a very high visa success rate.

Tickets and Pre-Departure Session

Once your admission and visa are secured, we will connect you to the right agent to book your flight at the best rate. We will organize pre-departure sessions for all students and their parents. This will include information on mobile phone and internet providers, banking services, student accommodation and employment opportunities. We would ensure that you have cleared any questions prior to fly.

Pickup On Arrivals

We will make necessary logistic arrangements upon arrival in the new country (minimal charges). We understand the transition to a new country can be difficult and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We would like to go above and beyond your expectations.


Comfortable and affordable student accommodation is an important part of international study. We will ensure you are placed in the best accommodation to suit your lifestyle and study needs.

Post Departure

We shall remain in touch with you to ensure that your journey is going smoothly and you are achieving the desired objectives.